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Why Join OCA-Greater Phoenix Chapter?

Exclusive OCA offers:

  • OCA National Convention- Receive member discounts to attend OCA’s annual National Convention. As one of the premiere events of the year for the APA community, not only does it provide workshops, leadership trainings, and special tracks to help educate and increase awareness, but it also provides a welcoming forum to meet and support OCA members and friends.
  • OCA National Corporate Achievement Awards; receive membership discounts.
  • OCA’s business advisory Council, OCA celebrates APAs in the corporate sector in recognition of their excellence, achievement and leadership.
  • IMAGE Magazine, OCA’s semi-annual news magazine, which features articles and reports on issues important to the APA community, news from OCA Chapters and Members, and coverage of culture and entertainment.
  • OCA E-newsletter- Receive an email subscription to OCA’s E-Newsletter.
  • Receive exclusive benefits on shipping through the UPS Saving Program.
  • Learn more about savings with our partnership with AARP.

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OCA Greater Phoenix Chapter att: Treasurer

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Scottsdale, Arizona 85251